The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt… 31 Cents Per Hour

What is the Witcher 3 all about?

If you want a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end,  a game that makes sure you feel your character progress through a in-depth and enticing world, and have plenty of side-missions each with their own meaningful situations? Well, if you said yes; I think this may be a match made in Heaven. The characters and story are fantastic, gameplay won’t disappoint, and you will surely get lost in the vast world found here. In my personal opinion this is a must play, but I should note that this game is rated M for good reason, so parents, you’ve been warned!

Batteries Included

This game is the real deal, and doesn’t leave out anything(not even the batteries). Games are usually rated on some main categories. Things like gameplay, graphics, sound, and story are always selling points. No matter what category you’re after, The Wither 3: Wild Hunt has you covered. Wandering around this huge map, will leave you wondering how much time the developers poured into creating this masterpiece. Not only is the map enormous, it’s filled with small details that tell a story all on their own. Over time I feel like most complaints I’ve seen have been focused on the combat. The combat can be hard to master, but it is well done in it’s own right. You can be somewhat of a button masher, or you can strategically plan out your attacks to land that flawless combo. Either way it should not be something that holds you back.

Why It’s Worth The Price

So this is a newer game, it’s still not as cheap as you would expect to find here on Budget Gaming, but it’s worth the investment and here’s why. If you want to play the DLC, side quests, and the main story then you’re going to be spending at least 120 hours in this adventure. If you’re just looking to power through the main story, you’re still going to be spending at least 40 hours minimum.

Let’s crunch some numbers…

You can find a copy of the game for about $25, and the DLC runs about $10 and $20 each. To really master the core game, you’re going to have to spend about 100 hours doing so. The Hearts of Stone($10) DLC will take about 15 hours, and the Blood and Wine($20) DLC will run about 20 hours. Both DLC’s are worth their price as well, but not nearly as valuable as the core game, so my suggestion would be to try the core game, get your money’s worth there, and if you enjoy that, then go ahead and double down on the DLC.

Core Game = ~0.31 per hour

Hearts of Stone = ~0.67 per hour

Blood and Wine = ~1.00 per hour

The Complete Bundle =~0.40 per hour

Where to Buy

Well PC may be the best experience if you have a high end gaming PC, and you could find the Wither 3 on GoG or Steam. You can also find this game on consoles either digitally, or physical copies. I’ll provide some Amazon links below if they helps! Thanks for the interest!

Xbox One The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Xbox One
PlayStation 4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – PlayStation 4