What is Budget Gaming?

Our goal is to provide a simple path to feed a normally expensive hobby, without dropping thousands of dollars. Games are everywhere, and there is a large spectrum of people who play them. There are gamers who play in front of millions of people competitively, and there are people like my grandma whom played cards on a weekly basis with a group of friends. Even playing ‘Eye Spy’¬†on a road trip counts! I would take a bet that nearly every gamer likes something else besides games, and that’s money! Let’s do some simple math.

Let’s say you have $60 and you spent that one a brand new game. Again, let’s make the assumption this game takes you 10 hours to complete from start to finish. Once you complete it, you never touch it again. So you essentially spent $6 dollars per hour to play this game.

Now, let’s say you didn’t buy that brand new game and opted for an older game that you wanted to play but never got around to it. This game is now on sale for $10. You purchase this game, and it takes you the same amount of time to beat it. The game was fantastic and was well worth the 10 hours you spent playing it. You paid $1 per hour to play it, which was 1/6th the price of the brand new game you were considering! And now, you can buy 5 more $10 games with your left-over cash!

This was a simple case and of course there were a lot of assumptions here, but you get the gist. There are games out there that are FREE that will get you more value than those brand new $60 games.

Stay tuned, and we will help you find them!